Central Festival Shopping Center in Phuket, Thailand

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The Central Festival Center is a three level shopping and entertainment mall located just west of Phuket town going toward Patong Beach. It is anchored by the Central Department Store, the most exclusive and prestigious department store in Thailand.

Within the store many exclusive European retailers, such as Chanel, Dior and Revlon, sell finely designed and crafted products.

Among the many satellite stores and shops that are nearby are still more exclusive, internationally recognized concerns such as Timberland, Lacoste, Guest, Esprite, Camel Active, Yves Rocher, Nike, Lee, Levis and Better Vision.

There are the other usual satelight concerns – banks, pharmacies, restaurants, coffee shops and food courts – and a move theatre complex. Nearby, within walking distance one will find the Big C and Lotus super centers, making this a first rate shopping destination.

Photos of Central Festival in Phuket

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