Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in Phuket, Thailand

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This major national park is about 20 kilometers from Phuket Town and is an important center for environmental conservation.

Within the park is the Wildlife Research Center and The Gibbon Rehabilitation Center.

The 250,000 square kilometre rainforest is home to gibbons, langurs, porcupines, several species of deer and a vast array of birdlife.

This is one of the rare remaining opportunities for tourists to see and experience a large expanse of pristine forest.

Photos of Khao Phra Thaeo National Park in in Phuket

Phuket Waterfalls - Tonsai and Bang Pai Waterfalls

There are some nice waterfalls on Phuket Island. The most famous falls are Tonsai and Bang Pai, both of which are in the Khao Phra National Park.

They are most impressive during the months of rainy season, which is June through November.

During this time, Bang Pai achieves it maximum height of 10 meters. It is somewhat difficult to get to the waterfalls and access to Bang Pai involves some fairly strenuous trekking.

One must pay the park admission fee to see these falls and it must be noted that foreigners are charged a substantially higher fee than Thai citizens.

Other nice waterfalls may be found in Kathu, the rainest district in Phuket, and behind the beach at Ao Yon, near Cape Panwa. Both of these waterfalls require a difficult climb to enjoy. These falls are often dry during the dry season.

Photos of Waterfalls in Phuket

Video of Bang Pae Waterfall

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