Phukets Viewpoints, Thailand

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There are many elevated places on the island from where one can have great views of lower lying areas such as beaches, the ocean and small villages and towns.

Many of the places are roadside.

Coming out of Patong on the way to Karon Beach, there is a terrific viewpoint over the beach and the bay On the same coastal road from Patong to Karon, the views continue over the Karon Beach and on to the south of the island. Going east from Karon, there is Cape Panawa, from where one can view spectacular ocean sunsets, and on the east coast there are views across to Phang Nga Bay with its world famous limestone outcrops.

As noted above, one of the best and most famous views on the island is from Cape Promthep, which is located at the southernmost tip of the island.

Those who have access to golf courses will find that many of them of them have been constructed to provide breathtaking views to those who hit the little white balls from hole to hole. In Phuket town, one climb Kao Rung Hill for a nice view of the town and the sea beyond.

Photos of Phuket's Viewpoints, Thailand

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