The Weekend Market Phuket, Thailand

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Markets are very much part of the shopping culture of Thailand and every town and village has its own market and many have more than one.

The largest and most popular market in Phuket town is called Chao Fa, or more simply Talad Tai Rot and is located on Chao Fa West Road, opposite Wat Nakha. Stores and stalls are continually changing but one can always find many people selling new and used clothing, bags, luggage, fashion products, jewellery, toys, books, religious items, home items and various electrial appliances. And, of course, there, is lots of food, much of it extremely delicious.

When one comes to the market, one should be prepared to bargain, at least for the goods. Food, of course, is usually fixed in price.

The varous stalls usually begin operation about 4:00 AM and it is generally recommended that shoppers arrive fairly early as there are often traffic problems.

Photos of The Weekend Market in Phuket, Thailand

Video of The Weekend Market in Phuket, Thailand

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