Ao Sane Beach (Jungle Beach), Phuket Travel Guide

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Ao Sane is a small, 200 meter long beach located on the southwest coast of Phuket Island, just north of Nai Harn Beach. It is actually a series of three small, sandy beaches separated by small, rocky headlands and connected to each other by footpaths.

Above the third beach is the Baan Krating Jungle Beach Resort which probably accounts for a name of the beach is popularly known by Jungle Beach. And the jungle does come right down to the beach.

Ao Sane is generally rather quiet, not many people visit Ao Sane. This is probably because, at least in part, it is not well suited for swimming. Rocks and coral are close to and on the beach and the sand is roughly textured, which some people find uncomfortable.

On the other hand, this, and the clearness of the water, make the beach nice for snorkeling and, when the tide is in, scuba diving. There are lots of beautiful fish to see but one must be careful of the black, spiny sea urchins. Perhaps another reason why not many people come to this beach.

At Christmas and New Year, and at other times during high season, late night Reggae parties are held on the beach.

The beach is generally devoid of facilities and "services". One can't rent sun loungers or water sports equipment, except for kayaks. There are no vendors or massage ladies to be found.

There is a fairly good restaurant on the first beach and it serves good Thai food at inexpensive prices, is open from early in the morning to late at night, and also has toilets and showers.

Hotels - Resorts - Accommodation on Ao Sane Beach

There are not many places to stay at the beach itself. There are, however, about a dozen bungalows located up and down the beach. They are sometimes described as simply fan cooled and "primitive" but some have hot showers. Many rent for as low as 700 baht a night, even in high season. Those with hot showers are more. One can inquire at the restaurant.

The nearest "conventional" place is the three star rated Baan Krating Resort, which is located above the beach 500 meters away and connected to it by a jungle path. It also has some bungalows, with air conditioning and satellite TV, and, all in all, is quite expensive, with rooms starting at around 3,000 to 4,000 baht a night.

The five star rated Le Royal Meridian Phuket Yacht Club is also quite close and convenient as one must drive through the grounds to get to the beach. One can find more variety of accommodation in nearby Nai Harn Beach.

Getting to Ao Sane Beach

Getting to Ao Sane is not so difficult. One must go to the Le Royal Meridian Phuket Yacht Club, which is clearly marked on all roads in the area. When one arrives there, one drives through the grounds and over a hill. One will then come to a small parking lot with a road leading down to the beach.

Video of Jungle Beach or Ao Sane Beach in Phuket

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