Emerald Beach, Phuket Thailand Travel Guide

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Emerald Beach (or Tri Trang Beach) is located in the rocky headlands between Patong Beach and Karon Beach. Being on the Patong side of the headlands, some would say it is simply the southernmost part of Patong Beach, although most people in Patong Beach are not aware that it exists.

The water is shallow and the underwater portion of the beach rocky, so it is not a popular place for swimming. It is, however, considered a nice quiet place to relax by those who are familiar with it.

It is a somewhat unusual beach for Phuket Island because it faces north, not west. This gives it excellent exposure to the sun and the 500 meter beach is known best as a sunbather's beach.

Although it is relatively unknown, one can find most of the facilities that one would find at larger beaches such as Patong Beach. As a sunbathing mecca, sun lounging sets are readily available for 200 baht for the day.

The massage ladies are also present, offering their massage, manicure and hair braiding services, although the prices they charge here are a little more than those charged in Patong or Karon.

Water play operators rent jet skiis, parasailing equipment, and snorkeling sets. Generally, not many venders come to Emerald Beach, which is probably a positive aspect as far as most people are concerned.

There are two substantial restaurants on the beach serving Thai and some international food: one, the "Windsurf", overlooks the beach from a hill near its middle, and the other is at the end of the beach.

There are no hotels or guest houses on the beach, but a few high end resorts are within walking distance. The Merlin Beach Resort is just to the south of the beach and the Tri Trang Resort at the end. Near to the beach, toward Patong, are the Ban Yin Dee Resort and the Amari Coral Beach Resort.

Although Emerald Beach sometimes has the feel of a private beach, it is not a private beach. It is open to all comers. Many in Patong Beach will find it worth their time to take a day or two from the schedules and make the short trip across the headland to Emerald Beach.

A tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi can make the relatively short trip easily. To get there, one just follows the Patong beach road, and turns left when one comes to the Amari Coral Beach Resort.

Those contemplating a trip to Emerald Beach should remember that it is not an entertainment oriented beach. It is what it is, a place to lounge around quietly during the daylight hours.

It essentially closes down at sunset, although some folks might find the idea of quiet evening on a deserted beach appealing!! The entertainment, the food, the nightlife and all other things are only a short trip away in Patong Beach.

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