Laem Ka Beach, Phuket Thailand Travel Guide - Hotels - Resorts

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Laem Ka Beach is a small, 150 meter long beach located on the southern part of the east coast of Phuket Island north of Rawai Beach. It is split by rock formations and surrounded by boulders and trees. The seabed around the beach is somewhat rocky making it less than perfect for swimming but there are coral reefs off the beach making it suitable for snorkeling.

Furthermore, it is not affected by the monsoon rains and is thus suitable for water activities year round. It is popular with local Thai people as a picnik spot as it has numerous shady areas, and offers excellent views of Koh Bon, Koh Lone, Coral Island and other surrounding islands. The water around the beach is said to have an unusually penetrating dark blue texture.

The beach is divided into three parts. The southern end is rocky but pretty good for swimming and snorkeling at high tide. The middle part is dominated by large granite boulders. One can observe many types of crabs living here. The northern end is dominated by the Evason Resort.

The beach here is relatively free of rocks and the most suitable for swimming and splashing around. It is possible to get beach massage here, at least during high season, or to hire a longtail boat for an excursion to one of the offshore islands.

Restaurants on Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach is served by one restaurant, which has reasonably priced Thai food and seafood. It has shower and toilet facilities. Its hours of operation vary according to demand. One can also get food from vendors but they aren't reliable, so many visitors buy food at a 7-11 located on the road that approaches Laem Ka Beach or from barbecue chicken vendors located at the entrance to the same road.

There is reported to be a small shop that sells sweets and snacks at the top of the stairs leading from the parking lot to the beach but its hours are not regular and it is only open during high season.

Accommodation - Hotels - Resorts on Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach is not a beach where people generally stay overnight, but there is a major five star resort right next to it, the Evason Resort and Spa.

Other five star resorts, such as the Mangosteen Resort and Spa, and the Royal Meridian Phuket Yacht Club, are nearby.

There are a few reasonably priced bungalows on the beach, one can inquire at the restaurant. To the south, Rawai Beach has some reasonably priced guesthouses, and Nai Harn Beach, which also has some guesthouses, is relatively nearby.

Getting to Laem Ka Beach

To get to Laem Ka Beach, go to Rawai Beach. Just about 200 meters outside Rawai, on the road to Chalong Beach, one should turn right at a 7-11 store. Then drive for about a kilometer through a coconut plantation. One will come to a gate with a sign that says "Private Road All Rights Reserved". From there, one just goes over a hill until one sees a "security guard", which is really a mannequin. One turns right at the dummy and then one will see the car park of Laem Ka Beach.

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