Laem Singh Beach, Phuket Thailand Travel Guide

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Laem Singh Beach is a small stretch of golden sand, no more than 200 meters in length, located on the west coast of Phuket Island between Surin Beach to the north and Kamala beach to the south.

It is enclosed in a small bay under steep, rocky cliffs and encircled by palm trees. It is beautiful and its secluded location has led people to call it the "secret beach", but actually it is usually quite crowded, especially during high season.

Furthermore, Laem Singh has a full complement of jet ski operators, so that the beach can be very noisy. It is also a favorite target of beach venders.

Thus, Laem Singh might not be the best beach for those who seek peace and quiet. It is also not a good beach for those who really have bad hearts or legs.

The five minute walk between the two parking lots and the beach can be physically challenging. Another problem for beachgoers is that – in rainy season - ocean currents make swimming quite dangerous.

The beach is divided into two parts. Swimming is best at the northern end, if one can avoid the jet skiiers. There are a lot of rocks, corals and aquatic life at the southern end and this makes that part of the beach good for snorkeling.

Snorkeling sets can be rented at many of the restaurants as can inflatable rafts, body boards and kayaks. Those who simply want to lounge on the beach can rent sun loungers for between 150 and 200 baht a day and can enjoy beach massage as the Phuket Island beach ladies are usually out in force, at least during the high season.

A strong point of the beach as far as most people are concerned is the presense of several unpretentious restaruants.

They are constructed of bamboo and palm leafs and blend in nicely with the surroundings. They serve mainly basic seafood and Thai food, along with Italian dishes.

It is said that Laem Singh has become particularly popular with Italian tourists and the restaurant owners have responded.

There are several places on the beach where one can enjoy alcoholic beverages but one can't say that the island has a real nightlife as the beach is usually closed at night.

One night a week, however, on Sundays, between November and May, the beach does actually stay open at night for "Soundwave Sunday", a beach party sponsored by a local bar.

Soundwave Sunday features music complements of Thailand's leading DJ's and, sometimes, live music. The party usually lasts well in to the early hours of the next day and sometimes attracts international celebrities.

Accommodation - Resorts - Hotels on Laem Singh Beach

Those who would like to stay at Laem Singh will have to stay elsewhere as there is no accommodation available. Actually, most people who enjoy Laem Singh probably stay in either Surin or Kamala, where there is accommodation for all price ranges.

Kamala, in paticular, has an unusally high proportion of lower priced accommodation. In Surin, one will find the luxurious accommodations of the Amanpuri, Twin Palms and the Chedi. It is easy to get to Laem Singh from Kamala or Surin. It is just a little difficult to get from the beach carparks to the beach.

Video of Soundwave Sunday Party at Laem Singh Beach

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