Pansea Beach, Phuket Thailand Guide - Resorts

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Pansea Beach, a small, 200 meter long beach often described as being the most beautiful beach on Phuket Island, is located in a small cove at the north end of Surin Beach, which is on the central part of the western coast of Phuket Island.

Ringed by coconut trees, the beach has golden, powdery sand and is flanked on either end by wonderful corals and some rather impressive rock formations. There are some excellent surf days during rainy season, which, of course, means that swimming can also be dangerous.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for ordinary people to enjoy this beach as entrance is largely controlled by two major resorts, the Amanpuri Resort - which was the first major resort to be built on Phuket Island - and the Chedi Hotel.

These resorts, which charge extremely high prices and are very exclusive even by Phuket Island standards, prevent visitors not staying in the hotel from crossing hotel property to enter the beach and they also patrol the water to discourage unwanted guests from paddling or swimming in. It is said to be a private beach of these 2 resorts

As one would expect, there aren't many if any vendors on the beach - or anyone else to disturb the guests of these two resorts - and there aren't many shops or restaurants in the area, either.

Video of Pansea Beach from Amanpuri Resort

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