Paradise Beach, Phuket Thailand Travel Guide

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Paradise Beach is located at the tip of the headlands that separate Patong Beach from Karon Beach, on the Patong side of the headlands next to Emerald Beach.

It is small – only 150 meters in length - and it seems isolated and remote, even though it is only five kilometers south of Patong Beach. It is approached along a winding, twisting road which increases the feel of privacy and seclusion. The feeling of privacy is further increased by large granite rocks at both ends of the beach, and by a coral reef about 100 meters from the beach.

Because of its northerly exposure, it is possible to swim safely here year round, and one can enjoy a great view of Patong Beach. For some reason, jet skis are more or less prohibited here so the beach offers unusual quietness. Palm trees and tropical almonds provide shade and additional privacy for beachgoers. Because of its small size, venders do not bother to come here and bother beachgoers.

Activities on the beach tend to focus around the coral reef off of the beach. Snorkeling sets are for rent, as are kayaking boats and body boards. It is possible to hire longtail boats.

Of course sun lounging sets are for rent, at around 200 baht a set. Unfortunately, there are no massage or manicure services here. The beach is privately owned, opens at 09:00 and closes at 18:00, and has a car park.

There is one restaurant here, away from the beach in a grove of trees. It offers reasonably priced international dishes, Thai cuisine and seafood. It serves people on the beach, and is the place where one may rent water activity equipment.

Acommodation - Hotels - Resorts on Paradise Beach, Phuket

There are no accommodations at Paradise Beach. Many of those who come here stay at the relatively close resorts of Merlin Beach, which is two kilometers away, Baan Yin Dee or Amari Coral Beach, which is four kilometers distant.

To Get to Paradise Beach

These are fairly exclusive resorts and sometimes those that stay in them might consider Paradise Beach as a private beach, but it is not. Those staying in Patong Beach can come here easily. They can follow the Patong beach road south toward Karon Beach, and turn left at the Amari Coral Beach Resort.

Then, continue straight, past the entrance to Tri Trang Resort and the Baan Yin Dee Resort.

Finally, one passes the entrance to Emerald Beach and goes along a winding road down a steep hill into the Paradise Beach car park. This road can be intimidating, especially in rainy weather, when four wheel driver can be needed.

According to rumor and street talk, a land owner has sold some land to a developer to build some sort of new exclusive luxury resort on the beach to cater to the rich and famous. The good news is that the other land owners have refused to sell and plan to continue business as usual.

Video of Paradise Beach on Phuket Island

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