Ya Nui Beach, Phuket Thailand Travel Guide - Hotels - Resorts

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Ya Nui is a small beach, 300 meters in length, in the southernmost area of Phuket Island, nestled between Nai Harn and Rawai Beaches. Its sand is fine and soft, and it is considered excellent for swimming, snorkeling, getting a good suntan, and sea shell collecting.

It was one of the most severely damaged beaches in the 2004 tsunami and still has not completely regained its vigor. Although some businesses and bungalows have chosen to rebuild farther from the beach, it is an active and busy place, at least during high season. Much of the beach closes down during rainy season.

During high season, one can rent sun lounges, snorkeling sets, kayaks and so forth. The rocks and corals at the north end and the center of the beach, despite damage from the tsunami, are excellent places to snorkel.

Kayakers can enjoy paddling out to a nearby island, Ko Keyao Noi,, abut 700 meters off the beach, or visiting nearby Nai Harn Beach. And, of course, everyone can enjoy the sun.

Eating is not a problem as vendors ply the beach, selling both the necessary and the ridiculous. For more substantial dining, one can eat at two modest restaurants on the other side of the beach road, or travel about 500 meters down the road toward Rawai.

Accommodation - Hotels - Resorts on Ya Nui Beach

Visitors can stay at either of two budget priced bungalows – under 600 baht a night – set up across the beach road, Nai Ya Beach Bungalows or Ya Nui Bungalows. Slightly more expensive Baan Ya Nui Beach is also nearby. Those desiring bigger or better can head to Rawai or Nai Harn Beach, where there are bigger and better opportunities.

Ya Nui is not a shopping destination and does not have a nightlife. Once more, opportunities are at least somewhat better in Nai Harn and Rawai Beaches. Some visitors will find it worthwhile to visit the numerous memorials which have been erected in remembrance of those lost in the tsunami.

Getting to Yanui Beach

Ya Nui can be reached from either Rawai, Nai Harn Beach or Promthep Point, the southernmost place on Phuket Island.

Video of Ya Nui Beach in Phuket

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