Khao Lak Beach Thailand Travel Guide

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How to get to Khao Lak

Like most of the places in this area, the best way to get to Khao Lak is from Phuket, or to come by road from the north. Bangkok has fantastic air services to Phuket and there are lots of good VIP buses making the journey south from the countries capital... read


Khao Lak Attractions

Around here is brilliant for people who enjoy activities in the sea or in the jungle. The town is just 84 kilometres from Phuket but doesn't have all the noisy nightlife of Patong beach. It is much quieter with some really good hotels. It was hit very badly on the day of the tsunami but the hotels have rebuilt and are now better than ever... read


Beaches in Khao Lak

Like Phuket there are absolutely stunning beaches at and near Khao Lak. But the main difference is the lack of commercial activity, and people. The long stretches of shoreline, fringed with tropical palms make it look like the images from the most lavish tourist books and that's possibly because those images may have been produced in or around this part of Thailand... read


Weather in Khao Lak

The western coast of Thailand has a very distinct weather pattern and is quite different from the Gulf of Thailand and the east coast. The weather is similar to that of Bangkok with the drier season from November through to May. At this time of year, the European winter months, he weather is cooler at around 75' F with clear skies and little rainfall. It is hardly surprising that Phuket... read

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