The Beaches of Khao Lak

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Like Phuket there are absolutely stunning beaches at and near Khao Lak. But the main difference is the lack of commercial activity, and people. The long stretches of shoreline, fringed with tropical palms make it look like the images from the most lavish tourist books and that's possibly because those images may have been produced in or around this part of Thailand.

The water is clean, calm and blue, the sand is white powdery and soft. Tempted? You ought to be.

Being on the mainland makes for an easy trip, with no boat journeys, but the area is still regarded as slightly off the regular tourist trail.

Khao Lak Beach

This is the main beach, but not the main beach if you like. This is not so busy with plenty of space to sit and enjoy the day, with fewer sea front hotels. There are no deck chairs to rent, so really it's you, a beach towel and the sea. In all there's 8 kilometres of sand to choose from. In the long stretch of sand there are three differently named beaches

Nang Thong Beach

A slightly more populated beach with a few more hotels in the area. Again fantastic clean , safe, water and sand.

Pakarong Beach

This is at the northern end of this stretch of coast line near the headland Coral Cape. It has a secluded atmosphere, and during the rainy season, coral is often washed up on the shoreline.

Ban Niang Beach

This beach is some 20 kilometers north of Khao Lak and a place where many Thai people go for picnics, maybe with some Thai whiskey to help the day along

Pakweep Beach

Home to two of the best hotels in the area, the area comes under the control of the national parks department. It is simply beautiful.

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