Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai Attractions & Things to do

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Visitors come to these islands to enjoy the "off the beaten track" feel of the place. Its not a Phuket or a Samui, it has few bars and being a mostly Muslim population, it is never going to turn the island over to the more exocitc lifestyles of other Thai resorts.

For the majority the islands provide a good home, in a beautiful setting. The beaches on the east coast are not as perfect as those found in Phuket, with some areas quite stony.

The interior of the islands are mountainous and it is here that many come to enjoy the natural history aspect.

Treks through the jungle are along trails which come and go, provide an adventurous day out.

Sea kayaking with some of the locals around the island is another possibility.

There are shorter boat trips out to see the shrimp and sea grass grounds with local fishermen, who will demonstrate the traditional fishing methods using crab nets. In the region there are some 50 islands to explore, so trips out to the various limestone outcrops, caves and hidden coves is a must.

Snorkeling, diving and yachting around this archipelago make for a very active and exciting couple of days.

Cycling around the roads and tracks of either Yao Noi or Yao Yai have become very popular, and given the status of being one of Thailand's most eco friendly destinations, it would seem fitting that bikes should be used instead of motorbikes or cars. There are jeeps for hire as well as bikes, if cycling is just too energetic.

There are rubber trees on Koh Yao Noi, so it is interesting to see how the rubber is bled from the trees and then there are the monkeys. If this is something not seen before, then its both entertaining and educational. The coconut trees on all these islands are very high and naturally the coconuts are at the very top.

Monkeys are trained to climb the trees and cut the coconuts from the branches. The result of their endeavors is found in the pile of coconuts at the base of the tree after a few hours work.

It has been the traditional way of collecting the produce for years and is a genuine farming method. If anyone thinks this is something of a circus act for tourists, they are very wrong.

Other trips include fishing excursions, visits to other islands and bird nest watching. Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai may be some of the less visited locations in this region but there is no shortage of things to do and activities here.

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