Learn Thai in Phuket and live better

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Phuket is the most popular location on the South East Asia. The place is highly appreciated for it exotic beaches and lush green palm trees. The greenery of the island welcomes you and the tropical climate will make you fall in love with the place. Imagine, one you are in love with the beaches and the greenery of the land, how will you ever go back to your own country and live in peace. So the best option is to start living in Phuket and enjoy the enigma of nature.

To enjoy more in Thailand, first you should Learn Thai in Phuket offered by ESL Language Study Abroad. At ESL learn the language from the best faculties and develop your listening, speaking and writing skill properly. Learning a new language was never so easy. But not with ESL at different places in the world, you can learn Thai in Phuket and happily survive in the mesmerizing island near Thailand.

To come to Phuket first find out the details of the journey from the travel guide and then select your tour package. Once decided on the sightseeing, which will include visit to beautiful beaches along the coast and eat and drink the best Thai food at the beach restaurants, just enjoy the trip to Phuket. To plan the trip you can check the website and find out where to go and what to visit in a short period. Now after the trip you can always join ESL study centre and learn Thai to reside in Phuket.

At ESL the language courses are mainly of two types, namely

  • Standard and
  • Intensive

The standard course includes a 2 weeks course where the student will have to attend 15 lessons of 50 minutes each. Similarly for intensive course the student will have to attend 20 sessions of 50 minutes each. The lessons are divided for beginners and higher level. SO as per the capability of the student he or she must select and enroll in the language course.

Once you have joined ESL you will learn the foreign language easily and will be able to read and write fluently like the natives. Once you have learnt the language Thai, you can easily communicate with people in the island and enjoy residing here as long as you wish.

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