Dealing with Thai Bar Girls, Phuket Thailand

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Many men who come to Phuket rightly ask if the bargirls are honest. Generally, in their "professional" working lives the girls are quite honest. Men who entertain the ladies in their rooms can generally relax. Most girls do not steal and will accept whatever tip the customer offers, although the matter of payment should always be discussed beforehand.

Men have a lot of power in their relationship with the bar girls. They can report dishonest bargirls to the the bar owner or the police, and the girl can usually be located. While this might not always result in a settlement to the customer's satisfaction, a bargirl does not want to become known as a thief to the police or the bar owners, and bar owners do not want their employees stealing.

On the other hand, if one takes a lady one meets on the street or in a discotheque to their room, they will have much less protection as they will only be able to complain to the police – who will have a difficult time locating the lady - if there is a problem.

As to whether bar girls are honest in the personal lives – and in their persoanl lives with men – is much more problamatic. Generally, all the rules of love and romance apply here, which means the odds of finding true love and honesty are about the same with bargirls as in one's own country, although probably somewhat less.

One must be very, very careful in these matters because many of these ladies have unrealistic expectations of Western men, in that they simply assume all Western men are rich. Others will simply try to get as much money from men as they can possibly get.

One must take stories about sick mothers and the water buffaloe having just died with a grain of salt and suspicion. There are also many language related problem and sometimes two people actually are speaking two different languages and have different sets of understanding of linguistic meaning. The result can be tragic.

Most ladies who come to Phuket to work in the bars do not intend to do it forever. They hope to save enough money to do something else or to buy a house, which in northern Thailand is fairly easy to do.

At some point in the age range of 24 to 26, they become very determined to escape the bargirl life and become part of acceptable Thai society again, which is also fairly easy to do. Many girls are open to marriage with foreigners, but many don't want them or their money.

Of those Thai ladies that do want to marry foreigners, it is quite interesting that most of those do NOT want to go to the foreigner's home country. They want to remain in Thailand.

There is certainly a good side to this from the foreigner's perspective but a foreigner who marries a bargirl will find themsevles being pressured to buy her a house or a business.

This is quite risky to do because it is prohibited by law for foreigners to own land in Thailand. And, it is becoming more and more difficult for foreigners to simply stay and live in Thailand everyday as the immigration rules continually change.

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