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It seems incredible that there are still men in the world who are shy when it comes to talking with, and approaching a girl/woman. The Thai girls here make it easy for men to communicate with them, usually in broken English.

But for someone who is painfully shy, even that may be too hard for them to contemplate. The answer for someone who is shy around women could well be to hook up with an escort service. There are plenty in Phuket and in Bangkok, Thailand. These young ladies can also act as guides to the best night clubs, pubs and entertainments in town.

Escort Services are ideal for the unadventurous man who is terrified of being rejected or ridiculed. Some escort services in Phuket will even arrange for you to be collected from the airport by taxi, and taken to your hotel.

Hiring a Thai young lady to escort and guide you around the city may be ideal for many Western men. Usually the escorts have a very good knowledge of their areas, and are able to point you in the right direction if you are looking for something in particular.

Escorts will show you a really good time, and the very best in all kinds of interesting things to do. They know where to go if you want to parasail and where to buy the best souvenirs. They will also be familiar with the best go-go bars and restaurants.

If you are staying in a hotel, then you will have a directory in your room. There will be many escort service agencies advertising. If you don’t want to contact them yourself, then ask at reception or the concierge for telephone numbers. When the escort arrives, if she is not to your liking, you can send her back and ask for another after settling her taxi fare.

And if you would prefer to sample the delights of a ‘Ladyboy’, then many Escort Services will provide a Ladyboy companion for you, with prices ranging from 2,000 baht to 5,000 baht, depending upon their popularity. It is often extremely difficult to spot a ‘Ladyboy’ from a very beautiful Thai lady. Often the giveaway is the shoulders, or the feet, both of which are larger on men.

Here's a list of escorts agencies in Phuket, Thailand

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