Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand (Soi Bangla)

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Karon Beach is just about five to ten minutes south of Patong Beach.

Separated from Patong by a range of large hills or small mountains, Karon is considered the island’s second tourist destination…after Patong. 

While not as big and bold as that of Patong, Karon does have nightlife.

Much of it is centered on and off of Luang Poh Chuan Road in south Karon.

There are no discos or go-go bars there, but it has been compared to Patong’s Bangla Road.

Most of the bars are small and geared to simple drinking, chatting with ladies or friends, and playing pool, although some have live music from time to time.

 Similar bars are to be found in and around the traffic circle in north Karon, and on the road leaving the traffic circle and heading inland … the bars here are more “spread out.” Another large entertainment area is located on Aroona Karona Road and at the Aroona Complex.

This area has bars and beer bars but is probably more oriented toward eating and shopping as it serves customers from the higher end accommodations in central Karon.

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