Phuket Ladyboys - Dangers & Problems

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Ladyboys are people and human beings and should be treated as such but there are certain dangers or problems associated with the ladyboys that frequent entertainment areas like Patong Beach.

These ladyboys are probably different from ladyboys in general they have no other livelihood except what money they can get from foreign and perhaps Thai tourists. Some of these try to be ethical, some don't consider ethical issues at all. Here are five potential problems.

One danger or problem associated with Ladyboys is deceipt. Many try to trick men that are not homosexual into giving them money for sexual activity. They are not honest and do not tell the men that they are ladyboys, although if specifically asked many will reveal the truth.

Obviously, there is a potential problem here if a straight man latter discovers the truth. Violence can be the result. It should be pointed out that some ladyboys have had surgery on their organs so that the deciept is never discovered.

A second danger or problem with ladyboys, is aggression. They can be more aggressive than a lady would usually be. From the perspective of the ladyboy, they need to be aggressive to find customers. From the perspective of an unsuspecting man, the behaviors of the ladyboy can be an unwanted intrusion and violence can result.

A third danger is robbery and petty theft. Ladyboys in Thailand have a reputation as being thieves who either drug their customers or take their belongs, or grab a bag or wallet on the street and then run off with it. When one considers the difficulty that ladyboys have in getting employment, there is probably some truth to this generalization.

The fourth danger or problem with ladyboys is sensitivity. While most ladyboys are actually very understanding of the interest that foreigners have in them, some can take poorly chosen words as an insult and retaliate.

The fifth or last danger concerns the fighting ability of ladyboys. Many are quite good at fighting however feminine they may behave. They also assist their friends when violence occurs so people who fight one ladyboy might have to fight four or five.

Chuck Norris could probably handle it but most average people can't. Violence with ladyboys should be avoided.

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