Phuket Property & Real Estate Guide in Thailand

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Buying a Condo in Phuket

A condominium or "condo" is basically an apartment that a person owns or buys rather than pays rent for. It is located in a building which contains other condominums and perhaps also apartments and is not visibly distinguishable from an apartment building. Condo ownership is popular among foreigners in Thailand and on Phuket Island as Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning land, and thus from owning houses. Presently, Patong Beach, Karon Beach and Kata Beach are where the bulk of the island's condominiums are located but this is changing as they are being built all over the island. read


Buying Land & Houses in Phuket

Can a foreigner buy and own land on Phuket Island? It is not possible for a foreigner to buy and own land in Thailand, at least not in the manner that ownership is generally understood. What do you mean I can't own land in the generally understood sense of the word? A foreigner may not have ownership of land recognized by the government, use the property as other owners use their property or give the land to others as a gift or inheritance. But I know many foreigners that own land and houses!! How is this possible? The laws about ownership of land and real property by foreigners read

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