Retiring? - Come to Phuket, Thailand!

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Perhaps, after 40 odd years of working in an office, a factory or out on the road, it's time to think of retiring somewhere other than your home country.

Many find retirement difficult to cope with. They miss the daily routine, their workmates and can feel isolated from the real world.

Some find it so difficult they fall ill not long after retiring. One of the ways in which to avoid that problem is to retire overseas, and start a new life, and a new beginning.

Some chose to stay close to their home country, so in Europe Spain has long been a favourite location. Spain is lovely in the summer, but the mainland coast and The Balearics islands in the winter are very cold – as bad as some of the Northern European countries.

So, for Europeans, Australians and Americans, Thailand had become an ideal place to retire. Its warm all the year round, it's an inexpensive country to live, and the renowned friendliness of the Thai people help to make life easier.

Food is cheap and far healthier than that found in Western countries, but if a plate of roast chicken and chips is needed, there are plenty of places to find that as well. Thailand must have one of the widest cuisine ranges of any country in the world.

Healthcare is something that has to be considered but this country has some of the finest hospitals in the world – that's not an exaggeration. Its five star treatment, by world class doctors and nursing staff.

Thailand is very accommodating towards people who genuinely want to spend their later years in the country. There is a special retiree visa which covers 12 months and is then renewed again. As long as you can show that you have the funds to live in Thailand, such as a pension, then the authorities are satisfied. The pension can be transferred to a Thai bank every month.

Moving away from friends and relatives can be difficult for some, but most places are only one flight away, and you will find that your new home has suddenly become a very popular place to holiday. Imagine your family spending some of the winter months with you on the beaches of Phuket? It's a winner for everyone!

Retirement Property

Property is one area where the retiree will need some legal assistance as the laws on foreign ownership are complicated. Condominiums are much easier to buy as the whole property will only have a small percentage of foreign residents. Places like Jomtien on the eastern seaboard, Hua Hin, and Phuket are favourite retirement locations where life is easier, warmer and cost effective.

The Language

The language is not a problem as most people involved in services and dealing with foreigners speak reasonable good English. As an example, the staff in many shops are required to show they can speak English. They may not choose to, but that's the opportunity to practice your Thai skills.

Learning a new language in the later stages of life is not so easy, and the Thai language is not the simplest around. But that's the challenge!

Other challenges can be taking up new activities – things which you always promised yourself you would have a go at, given the time. Well now is the time to think about learning to play a decent round of golf, trying your hand at sailing, spend a day out in the countryside cycling or learning about the health benefits of yoga at one of the luxurious spas.

Quite suddenly from living a life of "penny pinching" you will find you have the money to do all these things, without questioning the cost.

Genuine, and honest. Thailand is the land of smiles!


Benefits of Retiring in Phuket, Thailand

In a nutshell the real benefits of retiring to Thailand are:

  • Consistently warm weather
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Five star health facilities in top hospitals
  • The opportunity to do new things
  • To be able to offer friends and family a great place for a vacation
  • Live a relaxed lifestyle with no money worries


Thailand offers all this and more for the retiree who really wants to kick start a new life and live life to the fullest. You deserve it!

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